CCV modelli projects, realizes, sells unique wooden kits of historical ships of the ancient history of the Mediterranean Sea.
We do not realize a simple transposition of construction plans of existing ships, but we rebuilt the naval plan using historical, archeological, iconographic sources, using naval software to realize an original construction plan.
Nobody will never find a real Trireme Romana, but, our model really works: every step is checked by a naval engineer, a archeologist, a modeler; we rebuild accurately according to the historical report we have, even in the choice of colours and other details following the interpretations of the historical report we have.
Every model contains a “historical notes book” with the main informations of historical facts.
Contents of the kits: building plans with drawings and photos of the assembled model, instruction manual, pamphlet with historical information, laser-cut frames, planking, rods and other wooden elements, rigging line, canvas sail, fabric ribbon, miscellaneous metal and resin fittings
CCV modelli realizes itself every part of the kits, the packaging, the graphic, the laser cut and every other part of the kit. So our models are completely Made in Italy and Made in Sardinia.