• Roman trireme

    No wrecks of these warships have ever been discovered, compared with the abundance of findings of trading galleys dating from the same period. This can be explained by their light weight and the lack of cargo weighing down wrecked ships.

    Roman trireme
  • Carlofortinian Bilancella

    The Carlofortinian Bilancella, or “Battello” measures about 12 meters in length. It is the typical historical boat of a small island in South-West of Sardinia, called Carloforte; some of them are actually used as touristic boats in summer.

    Carlofortinian Bilancella
  • Nuragic small boat

    The Nuragic Navicelle are the ships used from the Nuragic people of Sardinia to cross the Mediterranean Sea, to go to the Balearic Islands, to the North- Africa, to the Middle Italy, as it is confirmed by the finds of nuragic artefacts.

    Nuragic small boat
  • Carthaginian Pentera

    The Carthaginian Pentera, main ship of the Carthaginian war fleet, is about 36 meters length. It is very fast both sailing both on rows, and has a particular bow cabin for the navarch.

    Carthaginian Pentera

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